Deprecation notice: 5

Aliases are now handled by the Snap Store, and shouldn’t be placed in the snap.

introduced in snapcraft 2.35

Originally aliases were something declared by the snap developer by actually coding it into the snap. A few problems manifested with this approach:

  1. Users could not add aliases that were not explicitly added by the snap
  2. Aliases could be selected piecemeal by the Snap Store and by users, which was
    flexible but too heavy for the common case of just getting software to work.

To solve these issues, aliases are no longer carried within the snap itself with the aliases property, but handled completely by the Snap Store. Users are free to setup aliases under their control (via snap alias), and automatic aliases are also handled as a block, being enabled or disabled together.

To get aliases in the Snap Store, the developer needs to request them and get approval from the developer community. This process happens in the Snapcraft forum; see the request guidelines.

See Deprecation notices for further announcements.