Deprecation notices


This document contains a list of snapcraft deprecation notices and recommendations:

  • DN1: The snap keyword has been replaced by prime
  • DN2: Custom plugins should now be placed in snap/plugins
  • DN3: Assets in setup/gui should now be placed in snap/gui
  • DN4: The history command has been renamed to `list-revisions
  • DN5: Aliases are now handled by the Snap Store, and shouldn’t be placed in the snap
  • DN6: Use of the snap command with a directory has been deprecated in favour of the pack command
  • DN7: The ‘prepare’ keyword has been replaced by ‘override-build’ (or override-pull)
  • DN8: The ‘build’ keyword has been replaced by ‘override-build’
  • DN9: The ‘install’ keyword has been replaced by ‘override-build’
  • DN10: The ‘version-script’ keyword has been replaced by `snapcraftctl set-version’

Snap documentation

Ported from the legacy documentation.

Deprecation notice: 9
Deprecation notice: 8
Deprecation notice: 7
Deprecation notice: 6
Deprecation notice: 5
Deprecation notice: 4
Deprecation notice: 3
Deprecation notice: 2
Deprecation notice: 1

Regarding DN7 - the ‘prepare’ keyword can also be replaced with override-pull depending on your requirements.


thanks for the info! I’ll add it here and a note on the notification page.


Propose adding dn10: deprecating the use of version-script.

It’s strongly recommended to either set version directly, else use adopt-info with snapcraftctl set-version part scriptlet for cases where it is to be dynamically generated.

The snapcraft PR to add it:


Thanks for the heads-up - I’ll track the PR and add accordingly.