Classic confinement request for Erlang snap

I’ve built Erlang snaps, source found here, and have been authorized to use the erlang snap name on the snap store.

It needs classic confinement because it is a language/VM for development purposes so should not restrict what the developer can access while they are working.

I’m not sure if there is need for a separate topic but it also could use alias authorization for the commands to not be prefixed by the snap name.



+1 from me for classic for erlang (language runtimes / toolchains are prime candidates for classic confinement) and +1 from me also for the aliases - these are all standard erlang commands and should not conflict with other snaps.

Thanks, Alex.

I also discovered that to have different tracks I need to make a request in here. Erlang would benefit from tracks and I’d like to publish back a couple major releases, at least one. So I’d need tracks 22 and 21 and to prepare for the upcoming release later this year a track for 23.

There is a major release every year and every few months a minor release, along with some patch releases as needed. The latest release for 22 is 22.2.3 while the 21 release had a patch release of, as did 20 with, just a few days ago.

People will definitely want to be able to at least select the major track like this.

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+1 from me on these tracks, your description of release process and use case is consistent with requirements for tracks.

The tracks process requires a waiting period to get more opinions/votes, bear with us for a few days and I’ll check back and continue the track process from there.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too for these tracks

Hi, just bumping this since it has been 3 or 4 days.

Hello! Waiting period for tracks is one week (Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks) to allow for more comments if necessary.

I’ll process the track request in a couple of days !

Thanks for your patience.

  • Daniel

Ah, ok, and will the classic confinement permission be granted at the same time?

+1 for the aliases.

I agree with @alexmurray on classic. @advocacy - can you perform the vetting?

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Checking in again. Thanks!


I’ve created the tracks only since we have +2 votes and the required waiting period.

I don’t directly handle granting Classic confinement but it seems to be in progress :wink:

  • Daniel

Great, thanks, Daniel!

So it is usual to take over a week for classic confinement? I don’t want to poke anyone if that is the case, I thought it was expected to take a few days for the classic confinement part is why I ask.


It is normal for it to take a bit of time, a week and somewhat more is not out of the ordinary. Classic requires understanding of technical requirements and vetting of the publisher to ensure there’s some accountability for maintenance, these processes do take a bit longer.

  • Daniel

Pinging because it has been another week.


@advocacy - can you please perform the vetting?

Vetting done, +1 from the advocacy side.

Granted, this is now live.

Thanks, everyone!

  • Tristan

Do I need to do something in the snap or elsewhere to setup the aliases?

I have another issue I encountered (layout symlinks not working when they had when testing with devmode) so I’ve made the snap private for now and will be opening a separate issue to try to figure out what I’ve got wrong wth the use of layout.

A devmode snap works differently than a classic snap, and as far as I know layouts are not available for classic snaps so another solution will be needed - can you explain the problem at bit more?

Aliases must be granted separately - apologies I missed this when granting classic - will do this now.