Classic confinement request for Elixir snap

Like with the snap I created for Erlang this is a programming language snap to be used by developers so needs classic confinement to not restrict what developers are able to implement.

Aliases for iex elixir, elixirc and mix would also be very useful.


Apologies for the delay in handling this - the requirements are understood and the publisher has been vetted previously. There does not appear to be any revisions of elixir in the store yet so could you please upload one, then I can ensure I grant the correct aliases once I have had a chance to inspect the snap.yaml?

Thanks. And yea, I hadn’t published one yet since I knew it wouldn’t be available anyway until classic confinement was enabled and didn’t realize that couldn’t be enabled for the package by name but had to have an existing release.

I’ll get one published this weekend.

@tsloughter ping - I still can’t see a version of elixir in the store…

@tsloughter I am removing this request from our queue for now but am happy to re-add it when you get a chance to respond. Thanks.