Auto connection for lxd plug on the anbox-cloud-appliance snap

Hey everyone,

we (the Anbox team at Canonical) are in the process of converting the anbox-cloud-appliance snap from classic to strict confinement. Classic confinement has been previously granted here.

The AMS service included in the anbox-cloud-appliance snap is driving LXD through its API to spawn LXD instances and therefor the anbox-cloud-appliance snap requires LXD API access.

As both snaps are meant to run on the same machine we would like to request auto connection for the lxd plug using the lxd interface on the anbox-cloud-appliance snap to simplify the process for the user. This will provide the appliance access to the LXD unix domain socket to automatically setup an HTTPS connection between the LXD daemon and AMS when the user invokes the initialization sequence of the appliance via sudo anbox-cloud-appliance init, see here for more details.

The snap utilizing the lxd interface through its lxd plug currently sits in the 1.23/edge channel. All other channels are still using classic confinement.


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+1 from me for auto-connect of lxd to anbox-cloud-appliance - this is great to see the move from classic to strict!

+1 for auto-connecting lxd to anbox-cloud-appliance from me as well.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of interface lxd to snap anbox-cloud-appliance. The publisher has been vetted. This is now live.

Thanks @cav for putting this in place!

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