Classic confinement for anbox-cloud-appliance snap


I would like to request classic confinement for the anbox-cloud-appliance snap. The snap automates the charm based deployment of Anbox Cloud on a local or remote LXD. For that it requires access to the Juju binary shipped via the juju snap which is classic.

Access to LXD would be possible for a confined snap via the lxd interface and for the Juju configuration via the personal-files interface. However Juju cannot be strictly confined as of right now and we don’t want to ship a copy of it in the anbox-cloud-appliance snap. Therefor we’re asking for classic confinement.

This request falls into the same category as other snaps utilizing Juju for charm deployments like

  • conjure-up
  • juju-crashdump
  • rally
  • fcbtest
  • openstackclients
  • fce

The snap is currently marked as private.

Thanks a lot!


@reviewers Can somebody have a look at this? Thanks!

This falls into the known category of classic confinement as a sort-of juju helper. As such the requirements for classic confinement are understood. I have vetted the publisher, classic confinement granted for anbox-cloud-appliance.

Thanks a lot @alexmurray