Allow greedy plugging of icon-themes and sound-themes slots of gtk-common-themes

At present, the gtk-common-themes snap declaration has slots-per-splug: * set for its gtk-2-themes and gtk-3-themes slots. Please update the icon-themes and sound-themes declarations to also set slots-per-plug: *.

I had previously requested greedy plugging for the GTK theme slots here:

… and the same rationale applies to the other two slots: they are all designed to co-exist with other theme snaps.

As things stand, auto-connection of the two remaining slots can break if another snap providing the slot is installed (e.g. the icon-theme-yaru-mate snap). As we’ve now got a daemon set up to prompt users to install missing theme snaps, it’s quite possible for non-technical users to get their system into this state.

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+1 from me - in the interest of expediency I have granted this already. This is now live.


Great work, @jamesh and @alexmurray!