Your own at home

You like but your git trees are on gitlab ?
You prefer to use for managing your source trees locally ?
Your company does not allow your source code to leave the house at all but you want automatic builds for new commits ?
You use github but want to build your snaps from some feature branch instead of master ?

There is help !!!

I have been tinkering with the idea of having Ubuntu Core appliance images that provide a local snap build service since quite a while and started hacking on a tool for this around christmas time. While the backend and building on lxd containers was rather easy to implement, I really struggled with the UI side of things. That made me ask my colleague @jamesj to help me out … Covid-19 kind of gave us extra spare time to actually finish this project …

So without further delay here is fabrica your own snap build factory !!

Some history around the development is covered in my blog as well:

If you have read until here, you might be wondering: “but he was talking about appliance images, where does this come into play here ?”

I have initial experimental pi4 armhf appliance images at:

Feel free to tinker with them (and note the limitations and bugs) … over the next days/weeks I’ll add arm64 and amd64 images as well …

fabrica was also featured on the today:


Needs binfmt_misc and qemu-user-static on the host to support alien-architecture builds, too ;-p (not that I like making you all work for your pay, or nuffin’)

well, we’re actually planning to eventually support building arrmhf on arm64 host systems and i386 on amd64 … i.e. what lxd offers by default, currently you will need one instance per arch though …

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A very interesting and useful snapcraft blog, as well as a lot of other useful information in this discussion. Thanks for sharing that! :+1:

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