Alternatives to build snaps for closed source

I have been following launchpad docs and seems it expects the source to be open and available to the public to use remote-build option. (If I’m not missing something)

I wanna build for raspberry pi 4 - arm64 architecture but having issues with my hardware and also I was not able to find custom script executions on launchpad (for ex: using electon-builder to run the snap build).

Docker is an option but snapping and custom environment on docker is over-complicated.

Any suggestions or alternatives on which way to go about solving the issue.

you could take a look at fabrica:

Thanks man for the help… Can you also tell me how to run electron-builder using it? as I can see it is so minimal and wondering if there is some docs that can help me read about the tool more?

i fear electron-packager wont work (it really relies on calling snapcraft locally on your host, you could surely fork fabrica and make it call electron-builder instead of snapcraft or some such though, the code is on github, but thats a rather complex effort i guess) … have you considered using electron-packager instead ? that allows you to integrate into a normal snapcraft.yaml … here is an example:

I have tried using packager but I’ll try it again with your referred configuration. Thanks for the help again though…