Why is Canonical "core" snap not being updated?

I have version 16-2.42.5 rev 8268 installed, and refreshes the snap and it says I’m on the latest version although there is a new version (16-2.43.2 rev 8592)

$ snap list core
Name  Version    Rev   Tracking  Publisher   Notes
core  16-2.42.5  8268  stable    canonical✓  core
$ snap refresh core
snap "core" has no updates available
$ snap info core
name:      core
summary:   snapd runtime environment
publisher: Canonical✓
contact:   snaps@canonical.com
license:   unset
description: |
  The core runtime environment for snapd
type:         core
snap-id:      99T7MUlRhtI3U0QFgl5mXXESAiSwt776
tracking:     stable
refresh-date: 21 days ago, at 19:53 UTC
  stable:    16-2.43.2                 2020-02-11 (8592) 95MB -
  candidate: 16-2.43.3                 2020-02-13 (8689) 95MB -
  beta:      16-2.43.3                 2020-02-12 (8689) 95MB -
  edge:      16-2.43.3+git1659.8fa09ac 2020-02-16 (8704) 96MB -
installed:   16-2.42.5                            (8268) 93MB core

BTW… The last updated dates (2020-02-11) differs from the information on https://snapcraft.io/core which says 28 January 2020.

I don’t know the reason, but I’m also experiencing this issue on a fresh install of Solus 4.1.

I tried running sudo snap install core18, but that returned:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Download snap “core18” (1668) from channel “stable” (unexpected EOF)

When a new core snap is released, it goes through a “progressive release” phase (also known as canarying in other circles) where a certain percentage of folks receive the update. If after a day or two you still have not received the update, please report back and we’ll investigate.

This is a different issue, please open a new forum topic with this information in the #store category. Also note that core18 is not the same as the core snap, specifically the core snap contains a root filesystem for app snaps to use based on Ubuntu 16.04 and the snapd daemon, whereas the core18 snap just contains a root filesystem for app snaps to use based on Ubuntu 18.04 (and not the snapd daemon).

Thank you for the info.