Who to contact on package (tree) with no valid owner?

I have a problem with the tree snap, but when I emailed the current listed maintainer, I got a bounce email reporting that the email address does not exist. Is there someone I can contact about what appears to be a bug?

For context, the bug I’m having is with permissions. The snap is set to strict confinement with no interface for system-files. This appears to make it impossible to use tree on /var, /etc, /usr, and a few more directories, even as root. I’m updating university lab instructions to Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, where tree is no longer in the default apt repositories, which means either instructing the students install their first Snap in dev mode or add the universe apt repository.

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Update on my situation: apparently the install ISO I was using had a known bug where it didn’t include the correct repositories. With an updated ISO, I can install tree via apt. The snap package still is broken in my opinion by not having access to system files, but I don’t care since I can install with apt.

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I’m going to take over the snap maintenance, here’s the request:

Note that the tree snap has been taken over by me. However, the access problem is still yet to be resolved as I need a new track to ship the snap in classic confinement, refer Track request(classic) for the tree snap for more details.