Please transfer `tree` to me (name takeover request)


Disclaimer: I am not the upstream author/maintainer of the tree software.

There are several problems regarding the tree snap in the Snap Store:

As a result, I would like to take over the name and try to upstream it when possible, here’s the recipe.

My Snap account ID: DbgWP2gLdbVLZtWtjnQFZpnu8BGnqfob

[revoked] Classic confinement request for the tree snap
[revoked] Classic confinement request for the tree snap
Who to contact on package (tree) with no valid owner?

it being classic would mean you couldn’t use it in core, which would be inconvenient.


In that case a separate snap in strict confinement can always be made, I’ve published one for this snap:


Hello @store staffs, any updates?


bumping topic…

I’ve mailed the upstream about the snap, but haven’t got a reply yet.



I’ve completed this transfer. Enjoy!

  • Daniel