Please transfer `tree` to me (name takeover request)

Disclaimer: I am not the upstream author/maintainer of the tree software.

There are several problems regarding the tree snap in the Snap Store:

As a result, I would like to take over the name and try to upstream it when possible, here’s the recipe.

My Snap account ID: DbgWP2gLdbVLZtWtjnQFZpnu8BGnqfob

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it being classic would mean you couldn’t use it in core, which would be inconvenient.

In that case a separate snap in strict confinement can always be made, I’ve published one for this snap:

Hello @store staffs, any updates?

bumping topic…

I’ve mailed the upstream about the snap, but haven’t got a reply yet.


I’ve completed this transfer. Enjoy!

  • Daniel