When is core20 likely to become the recommended base snap

The snapcraft docs state the following:

core18 is the currently recommended base for the majority of snaps […]

core20 , built from the latest LTS release, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, cannot currently be used with Snapcraft extensions and certain Snapcraft plugins, both of which make snap building more convenient.

Is there any timeline for when we expect this situation to change and core20 can be recommended as the base for most snaps?

Main reason I’m asking is that core18 has some pretty old versions of things that snaps increasingly need newer versions of. For example, Qt is 5.9, which is a couple of LTS versions ago. It’s getting to the point where supporting Qt 5.9 is getting harder. At least core20 looks like it probably comes with Qt 5.12, which is kinda the minimum you’d want to be building against by now.

i’m sure the snapcraft team wouldnt reject patches/pull requests to get the missing plugins over the hump to finally fully support core20 as default :wink:

I would wholeheartedly recommend it today if the plugins & extensions you require are available. The most popular missing piece is the gnome extension, which should be available in the near future AFAIK (pending the new gnome platform snap).