Week 29 and 30 of 2017 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! This covers work from July 17 until July 28 of 2017.

External contributions

First and for most, we extend a thank you from the team to all the external contributions we’ve seen this week, a special shout out to Simon Davy (@bloodearnest).


Release of 2.33 is ongoing, the list of features can be reviewed by taking a look at the milestone

2.33 can already be found on the latest development release of Ubuntu (17.10 artful aardvark) and in the beta channel for snapcraft. It can also be found on PyPI now!

Development in master

  • Improvements in testing and ci:
  • Cross compilation support for the waf plugin PR: #1397
  • The parts file collision detection logic has improved PR: #1405
  • Container logic bug fixes:
    • Differentiate between error scenarios for better messaging PR: #1400
    • Setup a proper working directory to not pollute the on-host project PR: #1408
    • Only remove a container if one exists PR: #1403
  • Support for a reload-command for app entries in apps PR: #1373
  • Better clean logic when hitting dependent parts PR: #1416
  • Update the nodejs plugin to behave properly with newer nodejs releases PR: #1418

Current Pull Requests

  • recording: record the original snapcraft.yaml (side by side to the manifest.yaml) PR: #1407
  • Extend the behavior for snapcraft update when run in containers PR: #1412
  • Make the cmake plugin behave like the rest of the plugins when it comes to building PR: #1414
  • Move the logic for cross compilation from the kernel plugin to the kbuild plugin PR: #1417
  • Add base support to the snapcraft schema PR: #1419
  • Add a no-wrapper property for apps PR: #1420
  • Properly handle missing compiler prefix PR: #1425
  • Add cx_Freeze support PR: #1427
  • Reexec as root when the type of a snap is core PR: #1428
  • Properly handle exceptions in the lifecycle PR: #1429

Current active design forum discussions


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