Week 26 of 2017 in snapcraft

Welcome to the weekly development notes for snapcraft! This covers work from June 26 until June 30 of 2017.

One team member just made his way back from some extended holidays mid week and another member was at the snappy sprint for which many updates have been made along the week on the Development sprint for June 26 post,

External contributions

First and for most, we extend a thank you from the team to all the external contributions we’ve seen this week, a special shout out to Tim Süberkrüb and @roxd.

Development work

  • Adding support for musl in rust to support static linking PR #1382. Engagement on rust upstream for feedback was requested on the rust forum.
  • Support for bash completion in snapcraft PR #1390. It seems some more integration work on the system is needed for this to work out of the box though.
  • The culprit for the connection resets discussed on this post was found (thanks @wgrant) which resulted in PR #1386.
  • Cross compilation support for the autotools plugin PR #1383.

News and outreach