Video live broadcast of snapcrafting sessions

I’m currently planning on broadcasting some of my snapcrafting sessions on Youtube/other platforms, here are the specs:

Possible topics

  • Snap from bootstrapping to publish
    Initiate the new snap from snapcraft init to store uploads
  • Snap maintenance
    Regular works like bumping versions, fixing failed snap build, resolving known issues, etc
  • Snap upstream attempt
    Contact to the upstream for acknowledgment and adoption, etc.
  • Snap migration/ownership change, etc…can really be anything


  • Although can be served as a reference, these videos are not supposed to be a tutorial video, no step by step guidance and explanation on anything is necessary.
  • As the work is not rehearsed in advance the outcome may vary (a.k.a. might not succeed to be a usable snap, etc.)
  • Answering questions on chat channels are optional
  • Audio/Camera feed is optional (excluding the terminal/screen showing the process, of course)
  • The work may be split into multiple parts, ie. there may be no concrete process in a certain broadcast


Not in the sense of the Bitbucket’s pair programming, but I wonder if anyone is interested in broadcasting their work-in-progress as well? Maybe we can make it a routine event(Like the Snapcraft Clinic ).

Next session

To be determined.

Previous sessions

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Not Yet, still searching on that thing.

Still not found, anyone has searched this.