Snapcraft Clinic

tl;dr: " If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can call…"

Within the Snapcraft and Snap Advocacy Teams we regularly get together on a Friday to discuss issues we’re having when building or publishing snaps. This is a great opportunity for us to brainstorm fixes or identify and prioritise bugs within the team.

We decided to open this up to other developers, who may also have issues building snaps. Given we’re having the call every week anyway, it seemed sensible to invite people in the wider community to join in, as and when they need to.

So, if you’re having trouble building or publishing using snapcraft, feel free to join us for an interactive session of debugging. The session will not be recorded and will not be live streamed (but if people want future ones to be, maybe we’ll look at that, what do you think?).

People are welcome to join and listen and learn too. Just ensure you mute your microphone when not talking, or expect someone friendly to do it for you :wink: .

Day/Time: 2021-10-15T20:00:00Z (US/LATAM afternoon slot). **Meeting link:

Day/Time: 2021-10-08T15:00:00Z (EU/UK afternoon slot). Meeting link:

If you have specific issues or problems you are facing with your snaps, please post a brief description in a post below. We will work through the items in chronological order. First come first served.


In 30 min. if my timezone conversion is correct.

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yup. you got the conversion right :slight_smile:


I’m curious as to how the session went. Did anyone from the community join and make some progress with their snaps?

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I did join the session and presented some problems with the Snapcrafters nano snap(I am the previous publisher), the snap fellows helped alot where I very appreciate of. The only thing I can complain is it’s held at right midnight in my timezone :wink: .


Maybe we could alternate the hours for every other session? 12:00 and 16:00? Something to bring up at the next one anyhow :smiley:

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Yes - it was very helpful.


@popey you might consider using discourse’s date/time function that automatically localizes, which is super useful: 2020-09-30T16:00:00Z


That’s awesome @kyrofa - TIL! Thanks.
Have updated the top post to show that date/time, and pinned in this category.


FYI: We will not be having the Snapcraft Clinic this week as a whole bunch of the team will be “at” (virtually) a company sprint. We’ll be back next week. I have updated the date in the top post to reflect that! See you all next week! :smiley:

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Nudging everyone to let you know we’re available for the Snapcraft Clinic this week in ~2 hours. Link in the top post!

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First off – huge thanks to @popey and all present for this very enjoyable weekend kickoff!

@cjp256 suggested that part of the next clinic could be to revive the ruby snapcraft plugin for core20, this time based on the ruby snap. I’d put together a Hello World example (have a real-world Rails app example at hand as well) and bring some half-baked knowledge to the table :smile:

Possible topics:

  • enabling plugin users to specify the ruby snap track
  • check if there are issues with binary paths
  • possibly find a solution to issues like this, where a ruby gem requires native extensions to be built, but the C compiler version on the build host differs from the one present during the ruby snap build.

For family reasons, I’d prefer somewhere before 2020-10-23T13:00:00Z as a start – would that work across time zones of everyone interested?


That’s 9:00PM in my timezone and I have no problems whatsoever.


It was indeed fun to hack around. Here’s the result:-


Just to make sure: Everyone interested is still available at 2020-10-23T12:30:00Z? Pinging @Lin-Buo-Ren @popey @cjp256 :slight_smile:

I’ve prepared a simple Ruby hello world snap to iterate on, so we don’t start at nil (read: watch me scramble to remember basic commands for setting things up).


Excellent news! I have updated the top post and will pin it. To be clear, that’s 2:30pm your time @tobias ?