Verified Account for STACKIT


we would like to verify our account for the STACKIT cloud

A list of the snaps that you have, that should have a verified publisher associated with them.

The institution, foundation or company that you are a member of or work for.

  • STACKIT is the Schwarz Group’s cloud and colocation provider. External partners and customers in the DACH region can also rely on the cloud services.

Your role within that institution, foundation or company.

Engineering Manager for STACKIT Customer Touchpoints

The group email address that should be tied to the Verified Account.

developer-tools at

The way in which your institution has worked, collaborated or partnered with us. If your institution, foundation or company hasn’t so far, let’s start a conversation.

We just recently started our development of our STACKIT CLI and would like to use Snapcraft for distribution to easily provide access for our end customers.

Thanks :slight_smile: