Up Squared support

The up^2 board is listed here under IoT platforms. However, it only supports Ubuntu Server. Are there any plans for enabling this board for Core?

Ping @ondra.

since it is “just” an x86 processor, did you try using the normal amd64 image on it ?

try it from a usb key … if it works, follow the instructions below to get it onto the mmc:

Nope, I didn’t try it yet. Will get one at some point. Just curious if it will be officially supported as an ‘enabled board’. We wouldn’t run a board that isn’t enabled for production workloads.

i doubt there is anyting necessary to make it work (would be good if someone with a board could prove that though). it is a simple intel atom/celeron based board, at most there might be additional interfaces needed in the gadget in case there is exotic addon HW on-board.

Got it. I will try to get my hand on a board and take it for a spin. It’s a pretty beefy board with nice specs.