Installing Ubuntu Core on devices with internal drives

The question came up recently about a good way to install a Ubuntu Core system on devices that have internal drives (like e.g. the Intel NUC) instead of the sdcards that are common on the pi2/pi3. With the pi2/pi3 the usual way is to simply dd the ubuntu-core image to the sdcard and put it in.

An easy way to install Ubuntu Core on such devices is to boot a 18.04 live usb stick and then use the go-dd snap to write the image directly from the network:

# needs devmode because it may need to write to arbitrary block devices
$ sudo snap install --devmode --beta godd
# replace /dev/sda with the block device you need, godd will refuse to write to mounted devices
$ sudo godd  if= of=/dev/sda

If the above is a common use-case we could easily wrap this into a more user friendly “installer” that e.g. auto-detects the available block devices and picks the right architecture etc.


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This is both interesting and nifty. I am currently looking at configuring filesystems of the x64 boxes I’m looking to install Core 16 to, once I have that sorted (appears that I need to configure a gadget.yaml?) then I’ll use this tip for actually deploying the image (or finding a way to pxeboot directly to a script that runs dd)…

Thanks for posting!