"unable to resolve 'LABEL=writable'"

I have tried multiple times to get Ubuntu Core on an x86 device. I’m using the NUC image using the docs at https://developer.ubuntu.com/core/get-started/intel-nuc. On first boot it never seems to be able to find the writable partition and drops me to an initramfs prompt. What’s going on here?

first of all these install instructions are overly complicated, just use:

one wild gues would be that the initrd misses the right controller driver for the eMMC in the NUC (though i remember we had a bug and added some, but perhaps the HW evolved and new drivers need to be included) … if the system is in this state do you see anything in /dev/disk/by-label/ when checking from the initramfs shell ?

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It’s not actually a NUC, but an HP MicroServer but I didn’t see a generic x86 image, so used the NUC one. I’ll try again later and see about the disk.

Is there even a generic image for x86 machines available?

yep, the amd64 images under:

are generic…

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Just checked, the image that I’m using is the generic amd64 image. I’ve re-downloaded and re-flashed the drive again and it’s still unable to find the writable partition.

I can boot the same server off a USB key running Ubuntu Core just fine. I booted and ran lshw from inside classic in case it’s useful for knowing what the hardware is. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3pSts9mRxw/

Any ideas what I can do? Is this a missing storage driver?

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Not much i fear, i guess it actually is a missing storage controller driver (usb-storage is definitely in by default).

I see an Ubuntu Core install on “scsi3”, which seems to be connected to the ahci controller … is the BIOS actually set up for AHCI mode (we do have ahci support in the initrd, so this should work, but there seems to be also a “sata_sil24” driven controller as well which i assume controls the raid, if the BIOS is actually set up correctly for AHCI mode of the 120GB disk we probably need to include this driver in the initrd to make the controller work at all during the boot process)

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