Umbrella/Brand account: Does github organisation count?

I have published 3 snaps recently in the snap-store: Tube Converter, Denaro & Tagger.

The upstream have a github organisation now and we are thinking to create a snapcraft account with that organisation name and publish all our snaps from there. Can we get verified tick? If not can we be atleast verified as star-developer?


The organisation link:

You can certainly create a new developer account to group your snaps. The process would basically be:

  1. create the new account
  2. add the new account as a collaborator on your existing snaps
  3. make a request to have the snaps to the new account

As for the verified/star marks, I suspect the answer will be the same as for your previous thread:

Actually I am a bit confused about this. Is there no way to show in the snap store that the snap a user is downloading is the the original upstream developers and not an unofficial one. To achieve this, I was thinking about a verified brand account. Anyway, thanks for your reply. We’ll soon have that account, after we get the email for our domain.

In general, the verified status is intended to help users know that an account claiming to be a brand or name they recognise is genuine. If users are unlikely to recognise the name, then it doesn’t have the same value.

If you want to make sure people know the snaps are official, maybe link to their store pages on your website?

So you are talking about the green checkmark next to the account name, this is done via a publisher vetting process (which is actually for proven upstreams) … @Igor is usually the person handling this … it will also involve to link to your public website and to use a company email address for the account.

(and i’ll move you out of the devices category where i moved your post because the name “brand account” usually refers to UbuntuCore images)

I am extremely sorry, But, I posted under store requests after reading the post done in the forum about the green checkmark. We’ll use the domain name of our website for our email and have already gave the link for our repos in the snap description. Should I come back after we have our email?