Request for developer verfication: soumyaDghosh

Hello Snapcrafters, I am Soumyadeep Ghosh from Bharat. I have been snaps for almost 2 months now. Currently I have 11 snaps listed in the snap-store. I am also active in the forum also. Creating this post as per the post in the forum. As I think I fulfill all the criteria, I hope that I’ll be verified by the community admins and I’ll get a star after my name.

My Github Account:

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Hi @soumyaDghosh - whilst I see you have quite recently been getting involved in snaps, to be a starred developer I would like to see some more sustained involvement in the snap ecosystem - in particular continued, ongoing maintenance and involvement. So at this stage I do not think your contributions meet this criteria. However, I would encourage you to apply again in the future.

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Thank you, @alexmurray, for your comment. Just after this post, I started to think that it’s too early to ask for. Yet, I kept this post to have some comments on my current development. Hope you and everyone like what I have done and will do. Thanks again. Soumyadeep Ghosh

Just to say that you helped me a lot on my other thread, thank you and keep snapping :pray: :muscle:

Hi Soumya,

I thought I’d just ask if you thought it was an appropriate time for this to be reconsidered?

I’d been looking at some snap projects on Github and seen your name in a few places that most snappers wouldn’t even consider. Beyond that, you’re still active on the forums helping out, and cooperating well with upstreams on packages you work on.

Whilst I still think you’re a bit “new” on the scale of maintainers ( preferably measured in years :slight_smile: ) and I don’t think it’s your first forum birthday yet, in that time your progress has been brilliant, so regardless, you’re certainly experienced.

@James-Carroll Thank you so much for your kind words. You’re just making me more and more enthusiastic to work on snaps.

Well, I am kinda confused. Probably I should take some more time. Expert opinion is always requested.

Hi, I think you should reconsider applying again, since you’re active part of Snapcraft community, helped me a lot on Matrix as well. We, beginners in this journey, need people like you to have voice and be recognized. Thank you.