Ubuntu core 20 and recovery partition


I have few questions about recovery, I am referring https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-ubuntu-core-recovery-mode#1-overview to understand the mode.

Does Ubuntu core support multiple recovery images?

Currently, I can see one image as below, I guess by default one .

jithcr@ubuntu:~$ snap recovery
Label Brand Model Notes
20210721 jithcr imxm8-mini-uc current

There is one recovery system that you install from during the first boot. More recovery systems can be created during remodeling, since you effectively create a new seed which you kind of installed from.

It is possible to create new recovery systems via undocumented debug API, but it’s not very useful at this time. Aside from the recovery system being created, you will not be able to reboot into that system using snap reboot command.

Do you have a particular scenario in mind in which you would see need to add and use a new recovery system?


@mborzecki Thank you for your response.

I am trying to understand recovery images preparations background ,possibility customizing the recovery image and how can I get more control to recovery point… etc .

Whole point is that how can we create a recovery image which serves my snap/application/configuration needs.

As an initial thought/ example,
I need particular snaps in recovery mode and don’t want same snaps in run mode.
I was concentrating on mode : ephemeral model file and expectation was such snaps should not get added run mode and available only in recovery mode. I am testing this. I don’t have a proper result here.