Ubuntu core 20 and recovery partition

I’m not aware of any user facing documentation, maybe @degville recalls something, but a quick search through the core docs came up empty.

In short, you have one model, then you create another one, you can either just bump the revision, or use a completely different "model" or "store". Sign it the usual way

snap sign < model.json > my-model.model

and then on the device run

snap remodel <new-model>

Though as I indicated, it’s probably best to reach out to customer support. Operations like cross-store remodel need to use the proper store IDs that aren’t that obvious. I had a hard time setting up the store mappings myself, so I’m guessing you will have too. There are some tests in the snapd tree which you can use to get an idea of how it works:

While the assertions are under https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/tree/master/tests/lib/assertions so you can have a look at the json files.

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There is a doc in the Ubuntu Core docs; Remodelling describes the principle, but not really from a practical angle (I’m not sure why this isn’t appearing in a search either but I’ll check).

It would be good to create a How to guide for this. I’ll work with the team and try to come up with something.

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