Trouble finding a way to reinstall mysql-workbench-community

I used the Snap Store install mysql-workbench-community. It got corrupted. The accident involved overly-zealous default settings on the part of AppArmor, my 5yo granddaughter dropping a new toy on my keyboard and a power outage. Oh, and a liquid lunch. (Not really. I just put that last bit in trying to be funny. But there were cans of liquid lunch in the room, so…)
I know now that I should have used snap remove, or possibly some combination of snap refresh and various switches. Consider me schooled, Headmaster. Won’t happen again. in the meantime, is there a way I can get snap to install mysql-workbench-community without saying I already have it?
Thank you and good night. (Drops the mic, which not only makes a terrible noise, but costs him $200. Who knew Snapcraft went primo on ALL their equipment?)

I’m not 100% sure I follow but presuming you don’t have any data associated with the workbench you care about have you tried just removing it and then re-installing it? That’s the part I’m not clear on.

sudo snap remove mysql-workbench-community
sudo snap install mysql-workbench-community

This seems to work fine for me even after I deleted some files associated with the snap, unmounted the snap, deleted it, etc.

AppArmor parser error for /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap-update-ns.mysql-workbench-community in /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap-update-ns.mysql-workbench-community at line 8: Could not open ‘tunables/global’

Maybe I should reinstall AppArmor?

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hi @johnrwoodward

I could not be bothered investigating this issue. I think in a recent update Snap overtook my local installation of Mysql-workbench. As a result i did get the same error you had reported here with AppArmor.

Instead of figuring out where this inconsistency is coming from I removed the snap installation and added it the one from Oracle as I described here