TrenchBroom Snap ownership transfer


I’ve been in talks with the upstream TrenchBroom developers on moving the Snap I’m currently maintaining over to them with collaboration functionality.

The upstream GitHub discussion can be found here:

How can we proceed to finish the move over to an “official” account?


Thanks so much for linking to an upstream conversation, this makes it easy to confirm upstream desire and identities.

I’ve transferred this snap to the account with the e-mail address given in the Github issue. Upstream now own this snap name.


  • Daniel
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Thank you very much!

Also, would it be possible to provide the account with “Verified publisher” status in the forseeable future?

Hi @beidl - we don’t currently have a formal process around verified developers. That may come in the future, but at the moment, we’ve not established a scalable process, so we’re not taking on the workload of verifying more applications on demand.