TrenchBroom snap collaboration


I’ve transferred over ownership of the TrenchBroom snap to the upstream developer account some time ago, as seen here: TrenchBroom Snap ownership transfer

It seems though that the collaboration on build.snapcraft doesn’t allow me to access to build-related info and release management anymore. I can access the dashboard though.

The upstream developer verified that the snap is still listed on his end.

Ideally I would like to do the release management and use the build machinery myself as a collaborator with the name still being tied to the upstream developer.

Bump. Would like to pick up maintenance of this Snap and help upstream release it asap.


Typically you need to disconnect the github repo and then reconnect it using your account in order to be able to manage it in If that’s not working let me know and I can poke people who can help.

From the store backend’s side, you are correctly listed as a collaborator, it all looks correctly set up, so one thing you could do is use the snapcraft CLI tool to manage releases if desired.

  • Daniel