Tracks request for home-assistant-snap


Requesting track 2021.2 and 2021.3 for the snap home-assistant-snap.

Home Assistant is having a rolling release, typically monthly version releases and weekly patch releases.

The monthly releases often has breaking changes, which might break the current setup. Users should have the option to opt into a track and upgrade manually when they have the time.


This fits well with track use cases, +1 from me as reviewer.

We’ll need to allow for a few days so other reviewers can comment.

  • Daniel
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@reviewers could someone else please comment on this request? Thanks!

  • Daniel
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How are the current edge/beta/candidate channels used by home-assistant-snap? Can this monthly release version not fit in with these already defined risk levels for the latest track?

If not, are these expected to be long-lived releases? If not, and a user opts into say the 2021.2 track, will this be a dead-end and they will not continue to receive updates?

Hi Alex.

The egne/beta/candidate will be used for those who wants to stay on rolling releases.

Most Home Assistant users are used to manual upgrades. Mostly because some integrations changes or gets removed (breaking changes), and if this happens they sometimes need to manually edit their configuration to fit the new version.

There’s a jungle of integrations that ships with HA, but possibly a whole universe of custom integrations that a user can add themselves.

With most monthly releases comes breaking changes.

Another reason that users wants to do a manual upgrade is because an update will cause your HA install to restart and every automations, services etc will go down for a while. That “while” depends on how many and which integrations are in use. E.g if using the built-in Z-wave integration is used, it can take 1-2 days for it to functioning fully.

I know my vote doesn’t count, and as a maintainer I’m also aware of when the next release is pushed, but I would probably be upset if all my lights, automations, sensors etc suddenly stopped working without a heads-up. :sweat_smile:

+1 from me, this helps not break user compatibility between releases.

Thanks for the follow-up @joachimmg - that makes a lot of sense. +1 from me too.

Hi there, I’ve created these tracks. Enjoy!

  • Daniel

Thank you sir! :slight_smile:

Just a quick question; When new tracks is needed, do I request them in this thread or create a new one for every track?

Up to you, if you want to tack additional requests onto this thread that’s fine. I’m OK with whatever is easiest for you :slight_smile:

  • Daniel


I’ll just do it in this post to keep track of history (reason for tracks etc).

April is coming up and I hereby request track 2021.4

+1 from me and per the magic of existing tracks and the simplified process, this is now created and ready to use.

  • Daniel

Thank you sir. Appreciated! :slight_smile:


New month coming up. Requesting track 2021.5.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, this is done (+1 as reviewer and fast-track process applied).

  • Daniel