Track request for OpenStack projects


Can we please have the following 3 tracks defined for the OpenStack snaps listed below?

Tracks: ocata, pike, queens (these map to OpenStack releases)
Snaps: ceilometer, openstackclients, tempest, rally, aodh, barbican, cloudkitty, designate, heat, mistral, murano, openstackclient, panko, trove


Again, these are the release names, so sounds reasonable. +1

+1 from me as reviewer, there’s precedent with keystone, glance, neutron and nova which have exactly these tracks.

+1; this change would align other openstack projects with the tracks already setup for keystone etc…

+1 to get these snaps aligned with the other Openstack projects

So far we have +2 votes from architects/reviewers (and some votes from folks working on OpenStack directly, thanks!). Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks we’ll give a few more days for reviewer/architect votes and then tally/action this request. Unless an architect requests an early tally, also per the procedure.


  • Daniel

@coreycb I’m about to start working on these tracks, since we have the required votes and waiting period is over. Could you please give me the snap URLs for your Openstack snaps? they’ll look like

(this is so I create tracks on the correct snaps and don’t get confused by similar-looking names or anything).

@roadmr These snaps don’t exist yet but they’re planned. I’ll have to revive this thread once the snaps are uploaded.

@coreycb hm, I said in Track request for OpenStack gnocchi and cinder snaps that I can’t add the track for cinder, because I did not even find a cinder snap. But I’ve been able to find most of the ones you specified here. The ones I found are registered by James Page. If you confirm those are (or should be) the correct ones, I can create the tracks I can create (pun intended) and let you know which ones I was unable to.

I don’t know why I can’t find cinder but I can find e.g. ceilometer or tempest, if as you say none of them have uploads.

@roadmr That would be great thanks. Yes the snaps registered by James Page are the correct ones. It’s possible we’ve not registered cinder yet. I’m checking with jamespage.

ocata, pike, queens tracks now exist for all these snaps (sorted alphabetically):


I couldn’t find these snaps, perhaps you haven’t registered the names yet?
openstackclient (is this a typo vs. openstackclients? they appear distinctly in your original request though)

So - once you’ve registered the remaining names, please do another post re-requesting them, and feel free to point to this thread, since a vote/decision was already made here. Oh, and don’t forget to include cinder in that request as well!