Track request for OpenStack gnocchi and cinder snaps


Can we please have the following 3 tracks defined for the OpenStack snaps listed below?

Tracks: ocata, pike, queens
Snaps: gnocchi, cinder


Those are the release names, for the record. +1!

+1 from me (reviewer) as we have good precedent and justification for OpenStack tracks. I wonder if this could have been bundled with Track request for OpenStack projects. In any case, per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, once the voting period is over, we’ll tally the votes (+2 so far) and act on this request.

@coreycb Hey, could you please give me the URLs for your snaps? They look like:


  • Daniel

Snap URLs:

gnocchi :

we’ve not actually published a cinder snap yet so no URL for that one - is it possible to set that up in advance?


Hi @jamespage, unfortunately no, I can’t create a track for a snap with no uploads. But if you ping me here when you have an upload I can create the tracks at that moment.

Meanwhile, I’ve added the requested tracks to gnocchi. Enjoy!

  • Daniel
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@roadmr Thank you. I’ll let you know when cinder is uploaded.