Title / Summary pulled from?

I’m on 17.04 Gnome and was looking at how snaps are listed. Our Rocket.Chat server is currently showing up as this:

It looks like the title here is coming not from the title and not from anything inside the snapcraft.yaml but seems to be using the summary field in the store?

Can anyone clarify where exactly its coming from?

Aaron, we have some known issues around metadata handling between snapcraft.yaml changes and the store, see:

We should have some improvements coming soon.

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Let’s please follow up on the existing topic.

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I’ve reopened this topic as it sounds like the problem is actually a different one. This seems to be gnome-software showing up bad data.

@robert.ancell Hey Robert! We discussed this before… do you have any idea about why the summary might still be showing as a title? This is really not appropriate, and will mess up the store metadata if we keep that way as people will misinterpret what it means.

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This bug has been fixed here:

… and will be released early next week.

A patch appears to have been missed when we switched from git branches to using Debian patches.

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Confirmed as well. Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

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