Store not updating metadata

Today a nice user we have complained that snapcraft has boilerplate text in the metadata returned from running snap info:

# $ snap info
name:      snapcraft
summary:   "Single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap"
publisher: canonical
description: |
  This is my-snap's description. You have a paragraph or two to tell the
  most important story about your snap. Keep it under 100 words though,
  we live in tweetspace and your description wants to look good in the snap
  - snapcraft
tracking:  edge
installed: 2.28 (8) 54MB classic
refreshed: 2017-04-06 05:00:44 -0300 -03
  edge:    2.28 (16) 54MB classic

While snap.yaml clearly does not have that in its metadata:

# $ cat /snap/snapcraft/current/meta/snap.yaml 
    command: command-snapcraft.wrapper
- amd64
confinement: classic
description: |
  Snapcraft aims to make upstream developers' lives easier and as such is not
  a single toolset, but instead is a collection of tools that enable the
  natural workflow of an upstream to be extended with a simple release step
  into Snappy.
grade: devel
name: snapcraft
summary: easily create snaps
version: '2.28'

That’s strange indeed. I can’t observe that in my own snaps, but either way it would be nice to have a UI in the store that would allow the publisher to control more clearly the desired outcome of that combination. Shouldn’t be hard.

Something like this might be nice: before there are manual edits in the store UI, the interface would look similar to:

  • Summary: The snap building tool

That italic text would be slightly grayed out in the background, implying it’s the default. Once the publisher clicks on the text box, it can then be edited:

  • Summary: Some new summary|      ↻ Reset

The reset button gives a chance for the publisher to go back to the original text. In practice it simply erases the manual edition from the database.

There’s of course work involved, but that would be a nice and simple way to combine the two sources.

It seems to keep the contents of the first upload and never update them again. So you upload once, then decide to update the description in the snap and the store does not reflect that; there is no conflict IMO as there is no conflict in sources.

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@sergiusens Can you file a bug in snapstore for this? I’m not convinced we should even be able to edit at all in the web UI, might be better to just always take the latest upload’s description.

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There is already a related bug opened, not sure I should open a new one or not: LP: #1672660

If you don’t mind, please open a new bug and crosslink. Thanks!

Done :arrow_right: LP: #1681453

Just to follow up from the other thread.

It appears some how the summary is being used in the title field.

This isn’t a case of metadata being not updated as we’ve never set the title to the summary’s value.

@noise That looks like a serious issue. The summary and the title are completely unrelated. How can they possibly be mixed up by the store?

Sorry… this actually seems like a gnome-software bug. Let’s please move this branch of the conversation back into the original topic since this doesn’t seem to be store or metadata updating related.

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