The modified username does not take effect

I changed my username in, but the username displayed by is still the previous username

There is sometimes a delay in updates to the Snapcraft web frontend due to caching. Has the issue resolved itself since you posted?

You can modify your snap store username (the id) by navigating to, amending the field and clicking save.

This is different to your display name which has a known issue with changing back as builds of your snap(s) complete. See the link below for my long sordid story there - I’m purposely not updating my macaroons because I want the store to get fixed to allow pre-existing macaroons to not update the display name unless the macaroon has newer data than the store because you changed your login data after you last used the store and then created the macaroon with that newer data - By my not updating the macaroons I’m using I’m being a guinea pig for the store team to use to get it right (plus I have LOADS of snaps so changing them all manually is a long and arduous job, and I just don’t have the energy to do it):

Thanks @lucyllewy

@kimmy214 Please follow the detailed instructions here (they’re basically a verbose version of Dani’s) and let us know if there’s still a problem: How to change your publisher name

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The username in the snapcraft forum is still the same as before the modification.