My display name in the store hasn't updated to match configured display name

I changed the display name configured on my account via both and Both these places report my name as Dani Llewellyn (correct) but listings in the store via both the api/snapd/snap-store and listings still all say Daniel Llewellyn (wrong).

Also, despite configuring my email address dani at the store vulnerability patch alerts are being delivered to my old account diddledan at

Can somebody poke the necessary private parts to fix me, please?

Sorry this is such a whack-a-mole of changes. You may also need to change it in Give it a try and let me know if things look OK after that.

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My old name and email are listed at but there is no option to edit them on that page…

RIght you are. OK, I’m looking and it appears the foo is not connected to the bar. Let me try to figure this out, and if it looks like it’ll take a while I can always just manually frob the database.

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Can you try this:

  1. go to
  2. log out
  3. log back in to
  4. Check whether your details were updated and look OK in

If they do, I might need to reindex somethingsomething for that to be reflected in and API responses. If they don’t, I’ll need to keep digging :slight_smile: Please let me know either way.

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logging out and back in using the link on (rather than just having the cookie working from a previous login to not (e.g. logging into plain appears to have updated the details on correctly.

I’m guessing it needed a reparse of the openid details?

Despite the details on now correctly stating Dani, there are numerous snaps in the store that are still showing my old name. This is despite having uploaded new revisions hoping that the details would be refreshed by that process.

This is still an issue. Can somebody look into this please, e.g. Makemkv?

Sorry for the delay!!

I have a question, does this happen with new snaps you create and upload, or is it happening only with old ones that you registered using your previous name?

If the latter, I can just go in the database and bulk update the name, something I usually prefer not to do but given this has been a boggle for a while, I’m willing to try.

If the former, then I probably need to look elsewhere :slight_smile:

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I’ve not tried registering a new snap in a while, but I think it’s just the older entries that have not updated the name to match.

Your main account record had not been updated, I did so manually and it should now have the correct name. I also went ahead and fixed records that had the old name in specific fields as a string, so it should all be updated and looking well now. There might be some caching in place, so please allow about an hour from this response’s time and let me know if anything still looks wrong on your side.


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