Spotify snap can no longer start or update

Today when I tried to start my Spotify snap, I got this error:

ERROR: not connected to the gnome-3-28-1804 content interface.

I have the gnome-3-28-1804 snap installed but I cannot connect it:

$ snap connections spotify
Interface                Plug                             Slot                            Notes
audio-playback           spotify:audio-playback           :audio-playback                 -
browser-support          spotify:browser-support          :browser-support                -
content                  spotify:gnome-3-38-2004          -                               -
content[gtk-3-themes]    spotify:gtk-3-themes             gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes  -
content[icon-themes]     spotify:icon-themes              gtk-common-themes:icon-themes   -
content[sound-themes]    spotify:sound-themes             gtk-common-themes:sound-themes  -
desktop                  spotify:desktop                  :desktop                        -
desktop-legacy           spotify:desktop-legacy           :desktop-legacy                 -
gsettings                spotify:gsettings                :gsettings                      -
home                     spotify:home                     :home                           -
mount-observe            spotify:mount-observe            -                               -
mpris                    -                                spotify:spotify-mpris           -
network                  spotify:network                  :network                        -
network-manager-observe  spotify:network-manager-observe  -                               -
opengl                   spotify:opengl                   :opengl                         -
wayland                  spotify:wayland                  :wayland                        -
x11                      spotify:x11                      :x11                            -

So Spotify expect gnome-3-28-1804 to be connected but has a plug for spotify:gnome-3-38-2004

I thought that updating could fix it, but I get:

$ sudo snap refresh spotify                                                                                                                              130 ↵
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Setup snap "spotify" (63) security profiles (cannot update mount namespace of snap "spotify": cannot update preserved namespace of snap "spotify": cannot update snap namespace: remove /usr/bin/gjs: read-only file system)

Any idea why I cannot update the snap any more?

If I try to connect it myself I get:

$ sudo snap connect spotify:gnome-3-38-2004 gnome-3-38-2004:gnome-3-38-2004
error: snap "spotify" has no plug named "gnome-3-38-2004"