Some question about a bug in 2.49-1+b5

I followed official website’s guide to install snapd, and it had not worked well
My system is kali based on debian testing
Snapd version is 2.49-1+b5
Whatever I do, it displayed error message below:
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “core” (11606) (snap is unusable due to missing files; contact developer)
    How can I fix this issue?

This is a known problem, a bug was filed for the maintainer right here:

FYI a fixed package already exists in sid, perhaps you can add the relevant repositories and pin it.

Sorry,I am a new user of system Linux.
So in many ways I am a rookie
I had found that bug at github of snapd before
But I didn’t find the resolution (not found fixed version in it)
And I’m not clear the concept about ‘sid’
Could you give me a little more advice?

this might help:

Thank you very much!!!