Snaps on Deepin 15.8

Just checking of anyone has been able to run any snaps on Deepin 15.8, it is debian based distro, I have the latest snapd installed, I saw posts from a few users who were having this same issue.

snap    2.30-5+b1
snapd   2.30-5+b1
series  16
deepin  15.8
kernel  4.15.0-29deepin-generic


Basic hello world snaps run file but none of the applications do. All of them seem to have permissions issue even when running as root.

Your snapd distribution is out of date, please ensure you have the -updates ubuntu software archive release pocket enabled and installed all system updates.

Refer Repositories - Community Help Wiki for more info.

As I understand it, Deepin is Debian based so I’m not sure enabling Ubuntu repos on it is wise.

I raised this a while back, and I think @zyga-snapd said it’s simply a problem that the Debian package of snapd needs updating.

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Yes, I could not upgrade snapd from ubuntu packages or even from snapd releases.

The solution might be pushing an up-to-date snapd to the Debian Backports archive.

I installed deepin when a user reported problems with it.

The problem seems to be that in Deepin, the X socket is not the abstract one? Or maybe the other way around, I forget the exact details, but we need to do quite a bit of work to support it. I (or maybe @zyga-snapd) will be circling back to look at this at some point, but it’s not a priority AFAIK…

Thanks for the update! I’ll keep that in mind.