Network issues with several apps


I’m having issues for using apps that use network. They don’t seem to ‘see’ that I am connected and act as if my computer was offline. My machine supports both Ethernet and Wi-Fi but the issue happens in both ways.

What’s interesting is that, although I’m having this issue with most of the apps I try to run with Snap, some apps don’t face such issue.

Apps that do not connect: Snap Store, Insomnia, Termius
Apps that connect: Spotify

When I download the same apps in other way (.deb package, apt-get or AppImage), it works well.

I’m running on Deepin OS.

Did someone else face the same issue?

This is a known issue with Deepin, see for example Deepin (Debian 9) Snaps Have No Internet Connection and Snaps on Deepin 15.8 though note that there doesn’t seem to be a solution there yet. Perhaps you could try asking on the latter thread if there’s been any progress on debugging this issue.