Firefox Snap won't connect to the network on Deepin Arch

My Firefox Snap on my Deepin Arch VM won’t connect to the internet. I tested the one in Arch repo, and that worked fine.

Deepin doesn’t seem to have a firewall enabled by default, and I didn’t install one (it’s pretty much a brand new install)

Any idea what else I could check?


$ snap version
snap    2.55.3-1
snapd   2.55.3-1
series  16
arch    -
kernel  5.17.5-zen1-1-zen

Just a wild guess: try connecting network-observe plug.

sudo snap connect firefox:network-observe

nope. didn’t work at all.

Also tested by installing the Snap store, and that connects to the internet, albeit, it’s all white

Just tested LibreWolf in Flatpak, and that works.

Still experiencing the same issue:

Firefox: 102.0b6

$ snap version
snap    2.56-1
snapd   2.56-1
series  16
arch    -
kernel  5.18.3-zen1-1-zen

This appears to be one of the known issues when running snaps on Deepin. See Deepin (Debian 9) Snaps Have No Internet Connection, Snaps on Deepin 15.8 and Firefox Snap no Internet on Deepin.