Snapd tries to report crashes and restarts indefinitely

On Ubuntu MATE, there are several snap packages pre-installed on the system. The package ubuntu-mate-welcome fails to initialize (with a permission denied but this is not the purpose of this thread) and seems to block the initialization of core itself. It then retries to start indefinitely and spams errors.u.c.

From the journal:

[  394.164982] ubuntu-mate snapd[9108]: 2018/03/15 11:50:50.470932 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "core" as 1b660cf0-2847-11e8-b27d-fa163e171d9b OOPSID
[  411.465626] ubuntu-mate snapd[9331]: 2018/03/15 11:51:07.770934 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "ubuntu-mate-welcome" as 25b5e20c-2847-11e8-b4fc-fa163e30221b OOPSID
[  413.996100] ubuntu-mate snapd[9331]: 2018/03/15 11:51:10.299522 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "software-boutique" as 273a79da-2847-11e8-929d-fa163e8d4bab OOPSID
[  417.056046] ubuntu-mate snapd[9331]: 2018/03/15 11:51:13.360486 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "pulsemixer" as 290cf260-2847-11e8-bda5-fa163eec78fa OOPSID
[  421.077959] ubuntu-mate snapd[9704]: 2018/03/15 11:51:17.383274 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "core" as 2b6f8d74-2847-11e8-8949-fa163eec78fa OOPSID
[  446.849765] ubuntu-mate snapd[10394]: 2018/03/15 11:51:43.155132 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "ubuntu-mate-welcome" as 3ac3e860-2847-11e8-8303-fa163ed44aae OOPSID
[  449.290269] ubuntu-mate snapd[10394]: 2018/03/15 11:51:45.596281 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "software-boutique" as 3c41f95c-2847-11e8-8909-fa163e839e11 OOPSID
[  451.084105] ubuntu-mate snapd[10394]: 2018/03/15 11:51:47.389986 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "pulsemixer" as 3d57b0ac-2847-11e8-a031-fa163e192766 OOPSID
[  454.127630] ubuntu-mate snapd[11215]: 2018/03/15 11:51:50.431805 handlers.go:306: Reported install problem for "core" as 3f281e26-2847-11e8-8b46-fa163e8d4bab OOPSID

The full journal is available in this pastebin
snapd should submit crash reports only once for a given crash.

It is also similar to Broken snap breaking snapd

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@jibel Thanks for investigating this. Do you see that same on Ubuntu with the snaps it ships?

@bashfulrobot What about Ubuntu Budgie?

@Wimpress, no I am not seeing this on Ubuntu.

From the crash report there are 2 errors on MATE during init:

ERROR skipping security profiles setup for snap “pulsemixer” when handling snap “core”: no state entry for key
ERROR run hook “install”: cannot create user data directory: /root/snap/ubuntu-mate-welcome/18: Permission denied

This looks like a regression. Can you tell me which version of snapd you were on? I will try to reproduce this but please give me as much information as possible.

@zyga-snapd Ubuntu MATE Welcome has an install hook. The GNOME applications in Ubuntu do not, which explains why you’re seeing this in Ubuntu MATE only. @bashfulrobot I think you have an install hook in ubuntu-budgie-welcome, right?

Reproducible on the Ubuntu MATE 18.04 daily image which has snapd 2.31.1+18.04

@Wimpress are you saying this happens in the live CD environment? If so this is a known issue that is fixed in master and just not published yet. If this happens in the installed system after booting from disk, I’m very interested.

I think there are two issues.

  • That the install hook is is causing this problem in the live image and wasn’t previously. Why is the install hook not being processed when the iso image is generated? I can work around this by prevent the install hook from attempting to run in the live session.

  • I think @jibel’s concern is that the error is reported multiple times. It has become the number 1 crasher on I love to believe it’s because Ubuntu MATE is super popular, but sadly it isn’t due to world domination :wink:

Snaps are installed on first boot. They cannot be installed earlier.

Exactly, my point was that snapd must not spam errors.u.c by sending the same report over and over again, and the current case with MATE illustrates this.

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Right, I see how this is a problem. CC @mvo

@bashfulrobot according to these reports the same problem occurs on Budgie.

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I will investigate and get back to you. Pretty tied down today though.

Well, I guess I don’t need to investigate (if happening) then! Ha.

comment all the unwanted sources in /etc/apt/sources.list, then do ->>>> apt-get update , apt-cache policy snapd , sudo apt install --reinstall snapd . since you are using kali, commands may varie. Change the commands to the kali version of yours, if needed. Try these and check whether it works. Thank You.