Broken snap breaking snapd

There’s a snap in the store called “instagraph” which seems to break snapd. Multiple of us have tried to install it from the stable channel and it loops in restarting snapd and processing apparmor policies.

Example syslog output:-

I have unpublished the snap for now.

Can someone take a look at this please?

The issue there is already fixed in master. To confirm (if you still have the snap) you can switch to edge on the core snap and see the error go away.

can you please give me details how to do it?

snap refresh core --edge …
to go back to stable later:
snap refresh core --stable

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Can anyone review my code here

For context, based on this: it looks like there was a typo in the plugs that specified “content”. The typo meant that “content” didn’t have the required attributes and SanitizePlug fails.

Does anyone have a reference to the offending snap at hand? I’d like to install here to attempt a fix.

I mean, a fix to a wedged system. The actual bug has already been fixed as pointed out above.

Alternatively, is someone with a wedged system available for a run through?

@niemeyer - this is the offending yaml:

    command: command-instagraph.wrapper
    - unity7
    - x11
    - opengl
    - gsettings
    - network
    - network-bind
    - content
    - camera
- amd64
confinement: strict
description: Unofficial Native Instagraph Client
grade: stable
name: instagraph
summary: Unofficial Native Instagraph Client
version: 0.1.2

snap download --revision=8 instagraph would do it, but the snap has been unpublished and is not available for download. I think just ‘plugs: [ content ]’ is enough to trigger the bug.

If you are affected, could you please try:

$ sudo umount /snap/instagraph/*
$ sudo systemctl restart snapd
$ snap changes

Then you should see in snap changes that it failed because it can no longer find the snap. It is a crude workaround :confused:

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Yep, the workaround works fine. I’ve stopped the actual systemd units, but that should be the same effect and more straightforward to document.