Snapcraft PR: add official `core18` docker images

Snapcraft has an unmerged PR which adds support for bionic Docker container builds. It has no comments. The test failure seems to be unrelated. Is there a reason why this PR isn’t merged? I’m not the original author but I’m happy to create a new PR if any changes are required.

The importance of official core18 images:

Many projects use Docker containers in their CI/CD pipelines. Even the gtk-common-themes snap is built in Docker containers.

DockerHub is currently full of bespoke core18 snapcraft containers and some projects just install snapcraft from the bionic repo’s. Both solutions are far from ideal… Many users on this forum are asking questions about buiding core18 snaps in docker containers.

I, for example, currently have some fixes for gtk-common-themes which I’m unable to merge because the snapcraft version in bionic is too outdated.


Until this happens, I have these images for CircleCI:

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Yes, thanks!

Your image solves my issue with gtk-common-themes, although I doubt the Ubuntu Desktop team will be ok with depending on a community maintained image.


Do you know why we don’t have core18 snapcraft docker images yet? What can I do to help?

This is why:

I will update the PR, the PR however depends on a previous PR (or at least the changes would cause conflicts), I only noticed now that it has been addressed. That said, this does not mean we will start publishing images.