Snapcraft docker missing set-version information

I’m using the docker image in a github action.
I have a core18 based snap, with:
adopt-info: <part_name> at the beginning
override-pull: |
snapcraftctl pull
snapcraftctl set-version ...
in the relevant part
Locally it works as intended, but not in the docker image.
In the CI docker image the build itself works, but in the end I get this error: "
Failed to generate snap metadata: ‘adopt-info’ refers to part ‘jabref’, but that part is lacking the ‘parse-info’ property"

could you elaborate which docker image you are using? The official snapcraft docker image does not support building core18 based snaps

I’ve filed a bug report
Maybe you’ve got the same problem

Same issue :slight_smile: I hoped there was a “community” docker image, as to avoid having many separate dockerfiles…

@sergiusens can you elaborate on why there is no docker image for core18? We’ve talked about this in the past but I don’t remember the reasoning.

It is another test candidate added to our matrix. Snapcraft using base: core18 also relies a lot on build-snaps, even internally, so special tuning most likely be required in most cases and at that point, the generic solution is not that generic.

@LyzardKing does this error repeats with this unofficial core18 image Right now it provides snapcraft, version '3.8'.

It works with the modified docker image I have now…
I basically modified the existing 16.04 one.