Snapcraft autopkgktest failure in zesty

With our snapd zesty 2.24 SRU we noticed that the snapcraft rdep has an autopkgtest failure:

Upon investigating it turns out that there is a command:

['sudo', 'apt-get', '--no-install-recommends', '-y', 'install', 'hello=2.10-1']

in there that hardcodes the version of hello. Unfortunately in zesty this version is now 2.10-1build1.

Full log at:

Wow, hello needed a rebuild during freeze? Oh well. Can you add @elopio in the tags?

A rebuild is acceptable as it contains no code changes so does not need a freeze exception. Likely it would be done to clear a transition and let something migrate.

No idea how to tag anything, cirtainly cannot find a tag anywhere in this interface.


Yeah, but hello?

That last line sounds funny :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, a PR is coming out shortly, working on it myself.

It was rebuilt to enable PIE. It was done during the freeze because it is
low risk to rebuild the hello package…