Done: snapcraft 2.29

Features implemented

Notorius Fixes

All issues and work put into 2.29 can be seen on milestone 29


Instructions to test a stable release update:

These are the tests that must pass before landing this new release in the -updates pockets of xenial, yakkety and zesty:


:white_check_mark: Build nodejs snaps.
Check that by default they use the newer nodejs LTS version.
:white_check_mark: Build a nodejs snap using yarn.
:white_check_mark: Build a classic rust snap.
:white_check_mark: Build the snapcraft snap.
Check that the final snap doesn’t include any libraries from the /snap/ dir.


:white_check_mark: Build a snap with version: git.
:white_check_mark: Build a snap with version-script.


:white_check_mark: Build classic snaps with SNAPCRAFT_SETUP_CORE.


:white_check_mark: Build snaps using the snapcraft snap.
:white_check_mark: Build snaps in elementary.
:white_check_mark: Build snaps in kde neon.
:white_check_mark: Cleanbuild snaps in different platforms.
:white_check_mark: Push snaps to the store.

Release checklist

:white_check_mark: Create SRU bug :arrow_right: LP: #1684965
:white_check_mark: Create changelog branch :arrow_right: PR #1270
:white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:amd64
:white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:armhf
:white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:arm64
:white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:amd64
:white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:armhf
:white_check_mark: Run adt for yakkety:arm64
:white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:amd64
:white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:armhf
:white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:arm64
:white_check_mark: Merge changelog branch
:white_check_mark: Tag the release.
:white_check_mark: Write specific manual tests for the SRU
:white_check_mark: dput to zesty
:white_check_mark: dput to yakkety
:white_check_mark: dput to xenial
:white_check_mark: contact release team to accept into -proposed
:white_check_mark: Run QA over packages in -proposed
:white_check_mark: Create release notes
:white_check_mark: contact the release team to release into -updates
:white_check_mark: update the docker image
:white_check_mark: send release update notice

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Bugs found:

Some bling-bling

As we test, we take some screenshots to presume the nice features of the new release :slight_smile:

Ubuntu Xenial, with the dillinger snap, built with the latests nodejs LTS:

Ubuntu Yakkety, with the prettier snap, built using the yarn package manager:

KDE Neon User LTS, with the zsync-curl snap:

Elementary Loki, with the nheko snap:

Debian Unstable, with the duniter snap:

Fedora 25, with the parity rust snap:

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