Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!

@Kay have you tried inverse invaders ?

i would like to see all gnome desktop 3.26 or Gnome software in snap :mueca:

another utility of note is Ukuu for updating kernels.

Now if the liquorix 14.04 kernel could be added along with the S.american version - that would make a decent updater snap.

although I am not sure if these are covered in the gnome ecosystem ?

perhaps they shall be.


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Pocketcasts. I have it installed on Manjaro and sometimes the multimedia keys work, but on Ubuntu I just use my handy or the web version.

For development:

  • NodeJS (LTS as stable, non LTS as beta)

  • php

  • mysql

  • nginx

  • mongo

  • apache

  • rustup


  • GitHub Desktop (

  • Kde Connect

  • DaVinci Resolve (Idk what the deal is that they don’t have debs and just support centos but I’m guessing some dependency so snap package could solve all their and our problems)

  • Fusion8

  • Kdenlive

  • Krita

  • GIMP development branch so that we don’t have to build it for years to test it out untilll the stable release

  • Gnome Builder

  • FileZilla

  • entangle

  • gThumb

  • Gnome Photos

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+1 for Digikam and UbuntuGIS

There seems to be a snap for QGIS but idk why it isn’t in the store?
I’ve posted a feature request few weeks back, take a look at the links Luigi Pirelli gave:

Still kinda hoping someone will port tinc to snap arm or snaps in general so I can use it on my Ubuntu tablet as well as with the nextcloud box (which is built on snappy core + nextcloud snap).

Granted it might be deprecated when wireguard becomes fully stable but until then there are few mesh vpns we can use on Linux and even less that are portable across all platforms.

This works great on my Debian stretch system.
However it would seem that it does not work for a Raspberry pi 3.

I tried after upgrading my pi to Debian stretch, but no “ace” snaps are found.

is there any way to contact them ?


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Yes, there are several ways that I can link you to:

BlackMagicDesign forum topic for Linux somewhat frequently checked by their developers:

A BlackMagicDesign partnership query (in this case contributing a yaml or perhaps being paid?):

BlackMagicDesign support mail that could possibly pass any message up the chain or refer a person to the dev team:

BlackMagicDesign phone line:

That’s all I could find on their website in 2min that I looked, maybe there is some better channel that I’ve missed but I think that this is all of it.


May or may-not matter, but the default deployment platform for Resolve is Centos, for legacy Hollywood reasons. snapd moving into Centos by way of Fedora will be some years away, so that issue would need to be addressed at the outset.


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The ability to snap:

apache 2 -> tomcat with a certificate from lets encrypt using certbot.

Rufus sería genial!!!

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Telegram. There is already a snap for Telegram, but it is outdated and probably not maintained anymore.
Wine. Wine is available in apt format via the official universe repository, but it usually gets pretty outdated over time. It would be great if there was a snap with recent Wine version.

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I’m pretty sure the snap that @sergiusens maintains its fairly up to date.

The latest Telegram client version is 1.2.6, however the Telegram snap from @sergiusens version is 1.2.0.

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I had a peek at his repo (, and I see 1.2.6 in the yaml file. Maybe it’s on its way in…