Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


I’m pretty sure the snap that @sergiusens maintains its fairly up to date.


The latest Telegram client version is 1.2.6, however the Telegram snap from @sergiusens version is 1.2.0.


I had a peek at his repo (, and I see 1.2.6 in the yaml file. Maybe it’s on its way in…


1.2.6 is in edge, so if you desperately need 1.2.6 or would like to test it (and email sergiusens via his email given in the contact field of snap info telegram-sergiusens with your feedback) then you can use snap refresh telegram-sergiusens --edge to get it :smiley: Remember to refresh back to stable when 1.2.6 is released there so you don’t end up on new edge builds (unless you want to be).


It’ll get there soon; I got caught up on trying out the new interfaces which in the end do not work as great.

If someone can confirm that edge works good, I wouldn’t mind promoting that to stable.


Tomorrow I’ll move my main machine to the edge version and test. (Pst timezone).


Tremulous or Unvanquished snap would be amazing. These are great games.
Or some good MMORPGs like Albion Online or RuneScape (the new one).
And some good racing game like Stunt Rally.
Or some video streaming tool like OBS Studio.


I’d forgotten to report back in here, & I can see you already moved it up to stable. But I obviously didn’t have any issues.


@Lvaskz / Łukasz

also, I would add QGifer, peek and possibly Goodvibes to the growing list this year.


Firefox Developer


I’ve got MakeMKV running in devmode now. Still futzing about trying to get it confined, however…


I would like Geany to be available as a Snap
Could you please?


I have just snapped the latest release of Bookworm and pushed to the snap store :

Will be great if someone can install the same and provide some feedback on how it works and some screen shots as well - just to check if the look and feel is not too different from elementary os for which I develop bookworm primarily


I have just snapped the latest release of Notepadqq. I have tested in Fedora, Ubuntu 16.04 and Solus. Some themes cause the icon to not show but otherwise, it works fine.

Let me know what you think.


Twine is an open source tool to create interative Fiction and it’s awesome!


My number 1 wish snap is:

Tracktion Waveform:

Awesome cross plattform DAW like ardour - but proprietary and very very solid.
They have an own framework called “JUICE” I believe it is written in C++ (could be wrong though) =)


Filezilla - is always outdated in repository


I would like to see wacom driver, specially when some distros have not by default like kubuntu


Unity Editor:


Here are my suggestions:

Xonotic - Awesome Unreal/Quake-style shooter. Fork of Nexuiz.

Fadein Professional Screenwriting Software - The current version can’t run on Ubuntu 17.10 due to a library discrepancy. Placing it in a snap could fix that.

Lightworks - Video editor. One of the most powerful available on Linux. The company provides great Linux support, however they don’t have a snap yet.