Snap wishlist - suggestions wanted!


I watching syrian tv & bounysource came up.

I would link to see as a snap.


can we consider the new firefox 57 aswell ?


A my old wish is to use again Celestia… it was a great software


in my opinion one thing that should be packaged as soon as possible would be eclipse IDE.

Even though one can easily download the IDE from their website, most people (at least most of the students I know) download the IDE from the software center. The version there is already since a couple of years outdated and nobody does anything about it.

I think it is not a big deal to package a java app right? Though I think this should be done by @snapcrafters instead of someone else. It should also have classic confinement too…
What do you think?


@aaylnx there are enough guides with update-suggestions

  • Midori

  • Plank

  • gyazo

  • BleachBit

  • Notepadqq

  • Cheese (without external drive dwnloading)


  • Yakuake / Tilda


  • goldenDict

  • Smartmontools

  • exfat-util, exfat-fuse - exfat file system drivers

  • Torbrowser (although I think that’s more LibreSSL)

  • gparted

  • Octave and Cantor

  • dnscrypt-proxy

  • CDEmu

  • neoVim

  • remmina

  • xvncviewer

  • Uget

  • HTTraQt

  • libreoffice-style-sifr

  • peaZip

  • xchm - .chm files

  • cuneiForm , aspell , ocrodjvu

  • simplescan

  • gscan2pdf

  • recordMyDesktop

  • EasyTag

  • digiKam

  • Fotoxx

  • Mixxx

  • cinelerra

  • synfig

  • gimp-data-extras , gimp-plugin-registry

  • RawTherapee

  • LabPlot

  • Akregator

  • Marble

  • MKVtoolnix

  • CopyQ

  • gufw

  • Knemo

  • Pinta

  • timeshift

  • xpad

  • anydvd/redfox

  • gnuradio

  • geeqie

  • gis-weather

  • firejail

  • Fsearch

  • dmenu2

  • gcstar

  • kid3

  • Linssid

  • Fwbackupz

  • cherrytree

  • JDownloader2

  • Krusader

  • etcher

  • gitkraken

  • @vuejs.


Support for custom fonts in the libreoffice snap is now available in the candidate channel (, revision 44). Please give it a try and report issues on that thread.


I would desperately LOVE a copy of Firefox ESR (basically locked to Firefox 52.5.2) WITH an ancient Java JRE and an enabled Java Plugin within the browser.

The reason is that a lot of old equipment has version specific Java requirements and no longer work with newer Java versions… and modern browsers don’t let you run Java Web Apps anyway.

Snaps are perfect for this kind of legacy application because it prevents that junk from screwing up the rest of your OS.

So, Firefox ESR with Java 6 and Firefox ESR with Java 7


I :face_with_raised_eyebrow:would like to see gnu pspp and java 8 and java 9 snap.


I wonder, why python 3.6 snap is not release yet


Maybe python 3.6 it could used with audio-visualizer-python @Lvaskz ?


por favor agregue el Ministick de Tsvetko y Kwrite.


what is audio visualizer python?



MySQL Workbench
Qt for Application Development (and more)

“Privative and free drivers”


Game: Warsow
Game: Xonotic

proprietary software

SpiderOak One (Dropbox alternative)
Airtame wireless stream screen + audio to Airtame HDMI hardware


Gnome Encfs Manager


Powershell from MS (


spotify just landed as snap app :smiley:


@TLF Kdenlive, and several other video editors.


@Kay have you tried inverse invaders ?