Snap request: ms-sys

ms-sys is required to successfully burn Windows ISOs to USB sticks.The package is not present in Ubuntu/Debian repos, and this PPA is outdated.

ms-sys does need root access to devices under /dev.

just create a part in your snapcraft.yaml that pulls the source tarball and builds it from source … that way you also do not rely on some other persons PPA

Thanks for a quick response.

I’m not a developer/coder. That’s why I’ve put a request for this.
I’m trying to help out in other areas like snap testing, reporting bugs and oddities, but that’s as far as my current skills go.

ah, i thought you had a specific need for it in a snap you are building … for suggestions for standalone snaps we have:

ok great, I will post the request there.

Just happened to snap it recently:

It isn’t on the store yet as the block-devices interface declaration triggered manual review. Have fun!

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